In Recovery.

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York PA Recovery Houses in York PA. Sober Living Lancaster PA
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The New Life Difference

A Legacy of Life-Changing Experiences

It all started with a visionary question: What if we created an environment entirely devoted to cultivating a life of principle and purpose? What if we built a program with the sole intention of strengthening a foundation for lifelong recovery? That was nearly a decade ago, and we haven’t wavered for a minute. We feel a responsibility, as the pioneer sober living community in Lancaster, PA to push the envelope in structured recovery houses and transitional living programs.

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Men & Women’s Programs

Recovery for Everyone

In effort to offer a comprehensive range of supportive recovery services, we operate recovery houses and sober living homes for both men and women across a multi-site network headquartered in South Central PA.

Lancaster PA Sober Living
Recovery House in York PA Recovery Houses in Lancaster PA. Sober Living.
Recovery House in York PA Recovery Houses in Lancaster PA. Sober Living.

80 West Main

Men's Residence in Landisville, PA

80 West Main is a Luxury Men's Transitional Sober Living Facility in Landisville, PA. Our vision was to cultivate a serene healing environment removed from the demands of urban and modern life; a place to restore serenity, wellness and focus. Residents of 80 West Main are encouraged to build a fellowship, to share responsibility and accountability in a structured care environment with all the amenities of home.

220 Main Street

Men's Residence in Landisville, PA

220 Main is a retreat into self-awareness and recovery. A large, luxury transitional men's sober living residence, 220 offers men an opportunity to transition into lives of self-directed, community-supported addiction recovery.

South Lime Street

Sober Living in Lancaster PA

South Lime Street is one of the oldest men's sober living residences in Lancaster, PA. Residents have access to a variety of psycho-social support services, employment opportunities and public transportation.
The New Life Program Pillars

We Believe In Recovery

Our program was developed around the four dimensions that support a life in recovery.


We believe in making informed, healthy choices that support physical and emotional well-being. For example, abstaining from drug use and participating in addiction treatment programs.


We aim to develop and foster a safe, secure & stable place for our residents to begin their lives in recovery.


We believe in building a recovery environment that supports participation in meaningful daily activities like work, school, community service, care-taking, or creative endeavors.


We believe in cultivating recovery relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope.