Addiction Treatment & Recovery Resources in Pennsylvania.


Over the years, A New Life Sober Living has developed partnerships with premier addiction treatment providers and recovery support fellowships and organizations that are mission-driven, values-based, and effective. The Recovery Journey is lifelong, holistic, and individualized. Below you'll find information on programs and providers we work with, advocate for, and fully endorse. For more information on treatment and recovery resources in your area, reach out to the New Life care team today.


Blueprints for Addiction Recovery, Inc. operates licensed PA Drug Rehab Centers based in Southeast Pennsylvania. Their facilities offer Partial Hospitalization, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Services and Family Counseling. Blueprints' program is designed to compliment the schedules and responsibilities of an integrated Sober Living Program. This increases clients' chances of long-term sobriety. Visit their website at for more information.

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The White Deer Run treatment network operates drug and alcohol treatment facilities throughout the region. They have a long-time reputation of client-focused quality care. Find out more about their program at :

We collaborate with partners to provide access to vital sober living resources throughout the region - and the nation. From Lancaster pa sober living homes to south Florida sober living organizations, we foster partnerships with programs that model our mission and aim to support lifelong addiction recovery.

In addition to the premier addiction treatment resources already listed on this page, there are Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Centers, NJ drug rehab centers, MD drug rehab programs, and many others available to take your call. Reach out to them directly, or reach out to our admissions team to help locate the right treatment center for you or your loved ones.


Alcoholics Anonymous is the world's oldest 12-step recovery fellowship and program. AA has helped countless millions find strength and recovery in the wake of desperate - seemingly hopeless - states of mind and body. Visit the main Alcoholics Anonymous website at Or for more localized information, including a list of AA meetings in the Lancaster County Area, visit Lancaster AA's website here.

Narcotics Anonymous, the great sibling fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, has given hope, strength and recovery to millions of addicts throughout the world. Visit the main Narcotics Anonymous website at Or for more localized information, including a list of NA meetings in the Lancaster County Area, click here.

Al-Anon, founded by AA co-founder Bill Wilson's wife Louis, is a 12-step fellowship and program for the people who love and live with Alcoholics and Addicts. Al-Anon has given strength, clarity and direction to millions since its inception. Find out more at


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